Connect with World Class Leaders at the WorldBlu Summit


I am excited to share with you an incredible opportunity to attend WorldBlu's sixth conference in Miami Florida from May 18-20.  The Freedom at Work™ Summit, presented by WorldBlu, is the premier master class experience for top leaders committed to using the power of freedom and organizational democracy – rather than fear and control – to boost the bottom-line, promote innovation, attract and retain top talent, and inspire full engagement.  All of this wrapped up in a highly unique program that you simply won’t find anywhere else. You will leave inspired, full of fresh ideas, and connected with a world-class community of leaders. 

Some of the speakers include Richard Sheridan from Menlo Innovations, best selling author and creativity expert Stephen Shapiro, and Traci Fenton, CEO of WorldBlu. 

I loved what Simon Anderson from DreamHost had to say about his experience with WorldBlu. 

"Practicing the WorldBlu freedom-centered principles delivers significant shareholder value - and a happy, high performing team environment. When we set out to create Inktank, the startup spun off from DreamHost to take the storage software world by storm, we built in freedom-centered practices throughout the organization. From a widely discussed shared vision, to open and detailed team briefings on all aspects of our efforts to build "The Future of Storage", the Inktank team were able to go from zero to a $175MM sale to Red Hat in just a little over two years. So freedom-centered leadership and management definitely has an ROI in my book."

I know I'm looking forward to attending this year's WorldBlu Summit in Miami and hope to see you there as well.