Casanova Ventures is an advisory group and high touch agency of meta-connectors who hand-curate the right relationships. We bring together the top super agents who condense time and provide startups to major corporations unprecedented access to the perfect pieces of their puzzle.

That may mean building out mentor, advisor, and investor networks or crafting connections with your wish list clients and strategic partners. Whether you need sales, traction, capital, ideal hires, or the right media and visibility opportunities, our joy is leveraging the combined wealth of our network on your behalf. 


Nicole Casanova

CEO and Connection Catalyst


Nicole Casanova’s 1995 Masters was on Targeted Marketing on the Web and she was an early founder in three San Francisco startups, Homestore (, Lycos and Mypoints. All went public. All are still in business. From employee number three to a team of 2000+, overselling a $350k quota by $6.5 mil and negotiating one licensing deal that surpassed a decade’s worth of one company's total revenue, she’s catalyzed rapid growth first hand.

Intrigued with behavior change, she created Shift, a game that shows people why they do what they do. It was sold in hundreds of stores, used in psychology practices, offered in workshops and as an online game with multi-player video chat. And, after working with clients from HP and Coca-Cola to Stephen Covey, she knows the best ways to change behaviors and make them stick - critical for developing the rock star entrepreneurial mindset.

She is a startup junkie that loves working with Digital, Tech, Media, LOHAS, socially conscious and women-led companies to uncover and execute on the lever points that will catapult them to success. Whether it’s strategic monetization, messaging or partnerships, Nicole gives them the tools to create massive traction and drive serious revenue. An all out advocate for serving rather than selling, she believes that when we cultivate great relationships we develop the best businesses.


Carrie M. Momeni

Organizational Architect & Strategist 

Carrie is a problem solver and a producer. She looks at the world as systems and patterns and how those apply to people, profits and productivity. She maps out strategy, details and resources to help companies reach their long-term visions - handling substantial projects, budgets, contractors, timelines and problems. She's applied this to building companies and products from the ground up, architectural projects, marketing, strategy, event design and promotion.

Carrie's main focus with Casanova Ventures and our organizations is developing strategy and systems that encourage scalability. She works with early-stage companies to clarify their operational structure, development strategy, market and product to focus their passion into a profitable project and catalyze growth. She develops strategy, long-term forecasting, operational budgets, procedures, policies and documentation.  She's consulted startups across multiple industries, from hospitality brands to non-profits including: The World Technology Network, and Success 3.0 Summit.


Sabrina Piburn

Sales Specialist and Executive Assistant

Sabrina ensures our success through her diligence, attention to detail and unique ability to predict our next needs and make them happen. She combines a love of analytical research with the ability to find our client's perfect piece of their puzzle and facilitate those connections. She also increases our awareness through our social channels, community involvement and helps curate our live events. Her curiosity, ability to figure out the nuances of next technologies, thoroughness and dedication to providing our clients with exceptional service make her a key member of the Casanova Ventures team.

Sabrina spent numerous years focusing on the specific needs of her consumers and adapting her learning and communication to best meet their needs. Her uncanny ability to read people, context and situations gives her the ability to not just respond to their wants, but predict their next desires.

We stand for connection

We connect people to their truth

We connect people and ideas

We connect the next cool technologies with the investors and corporations looking to leverage startup innovation

We connect companies to their perfect audiences, partners, clients, employees and media opportunities

Ask us for what you want. Seriously. What's on your wish list? It's more than likely we either have that request or are a conversation away from making it a reality.


Success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others*. The businesses and people that build authentic connections based on collaboration, reciprocity and giving succeed most. For real, research shows it.

For companies that want to drive revenue, build awareness, or gain traction, their success depends on the value of their relationships. And, if you want to monetize your business quickly, it's all about utilizing the tools that are going to get you impact with ease and grace. 

There's a way to meet and partner with that perfect person or piece of your puzzle that gets your ideas into form, your products to market and your pockets fat. 

There's a way to make money and making friendships that flourish tops the list.

*Check out Adam Grant's book, Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success. This is Wharton's youngest tenured professor and top rated teacher.  He's got the numbers and has absolutely made the case for why supporting each other is the secret to success.