We do this three ways. 

We support founders and executives in doing what's most important in every business, driving revenue. To scale them at warp speed, we slow down, look at the places where they can gain the most traction, give them the tools to execute and then get them in front of the right players. 


COACHING: We help you own your biggest version of you.

We get founders to own their identity as not only successful entrepreneurs, but more importantly, successful salespeople. Often the place that provides the biggest impact and is most often overlooked is the actual person themselves. To be more clear, it's with their unconscious beliefs. Sales and entrepreneurship brings up every challenge and with it, every judgment, trigger and limiting belief. When we shift our belief that selling is really about serving and when we find and re-pattern all the junk out, we're set to go big in ways beyond our imagination.


STRATEGIC ADVISING: We make you THE Master of the Art of Leverage™.

We have developed the ART of LEVERAGE PROCESS™ to help companies get the most impact with the least amount of resources. We look for the lever points that will trip the tripwire and get you to super stardom.

Depending on the client's needs, we may place emphasis on only a few of these areas, the order may shift and we may go significantly deeper into the process. However, this is the general format. Each area has it's own teachings and materials. 

1. mindset:

See what's driving you and keeping you from your full potential. Identify the defenses you run, your core beliefs, and how they're defining your business. 

2. Monetization:

We define THE revenue sources that will have the most impact and help you scale quickest.  

3. Partner Detection:

We determine the best strategic partners in terms of distribution, sales, big impact, complimentary technology or offerings, awareness etc.

4. Message Extraction:

We get you clear on the right messaging and WIFM (What's In It For Me) that will hook and convert the biggest partners. 

5. Systems:

We focus on all elements of execution from prospecting to scaling revenue. This is where you find the right powers that be, get in front of them, close and build the relationship over time.  


Partner only with the people you know you can bring value to because you are the missing piece of their puzzle and they understand, and, more importantly, value your value. 

Additionally, we may focus on the following:

·      Founder Dynamics

·      CRM, Project Management, Lead Generation

·      Product Market Fit

·      Sales Strategy, Training, Business Development, Pitch and Close Techniques

  • Fundraising fundamentals & building solid investor relationships


CONNECTION CATALYST: We find you the best players to play with

Depending on your needs, we find you those diamonds, the people and organizations you can count on to build your biggest business.  If you need to execute or grow your operation, we'll introduce you to our network of service providers, designers, developers and more to bring your vision to life. We'll even find you your perfect candidates.

And, for those who want us to act as their agents, we use our meta-connector super powers to leverage our extensive network. Whether it's getting you in front of the C-Suite at the top Fortune 100s or providing access to capital, we create the relationships and strategic alliances that will catapult your business. 

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