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Relationships can change your life AND your business. How we feel about ourselves, and how we show up professionally, is related to who we spend time with.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

After 8 years in my own mastermind group - The Billionaire Girls Club - I know first-hand how transformational cultivating these relationships can be. These women have introduced me to serious players, provided numerous opportunities from speaking to publishing, given me feedback, advice and have flat out told me the truth. They have helped me grow my business, been champions for my personal growth and have been a constant source of support.

With that in mind and because of the response we received from our last one, we are hand-curating another intimate group of rock star women to engage in a 3-month mastermind based on my Art of Leverage process™. This process identifies your greatest lever points, those little tweaks that can mean millions, and has helped companies launch products, drive huge awareness, increase their valuations and build their bottom lines. And, the program is specifically designed for founders, CEOs, senior executives and entrepreneurs in growth mode so that you can leverage your shared experiences to create true momentum.

The goal is to transform you to new heights, skyrocket your business and bring the possibility of exponential growth to the whole group. 

Now before you get this, let me tell you exactly what it does so you know that it's right for you. 

By convening with this intimate group of leaders and using the Art of Leverage process you will get to:

  • Bring forth your highest self by mastering your biggest lever point, mindset - Own your identity and self-worth so that you can lead your business more consciously towards greatness

  • Infuse ease-and-grace into your business model - Get clear on how you monetize to drive the highest margins

  • Nail your positioning and most attractive message so that it resonates - Understand how to hook all of your stakeholders and get them to convert to your desired action

  • Step into Serving vs. Selling - Increase the value of your deals when you know how to truly serve your perfect partners

  • Benefit from your new extended network - Leverage the group's connections to get to the right people

  • Sow the seeds of serendipity - Draw from the wisdom of this intimate group of authentic female power players

Program format:

  • Each month dives into content, ideas and exercises from The Art of Leverage Process™. We will cover these specific areas so that by the end of our time together, you'll be making your highest leverage moves. Whether that's locking in your perfect partners, getting a ton of awareness, converting people to customers, clients or users or closing your next round, we'll make sure you've got the goods to get there without falling into the urgency and scarcity mindset most startups and high growth companies unconsciously live by.

    •  Mindset: 

      • See what's driving you and what's keeping you from your full potential

      • Identify the defenses you run, your core beliefs, and how they're defining your business

      • Reframe your not-useful thoughts so they default to only useful, on-the-road-to-success choices 

      • Get clear on how you want to be in relationship with your business and commit to the goals and operating instructions that will make it a healthy marriage. Let's face it, your business is probably who you spend the most time with so it's critical you set clear expectations about how you want to be in partnership.

    • Monetization and Partner Detection:

      • Use the True Margin Calculator to visually see your real costs

      • Use the Ease, Grace and Profits Test to maximize margins with the least amount of effort so that you get to be wildly successful and love your life

      • Define your highest leverage revenue streams, targets and verticals

      • Use the Partner Detector to identify who can get you traction quickest  

    • Messaging and Serving to Sell:

      • Utilize the Message Extraction process to cull what's in your head into content and marketing that gets immediate responses

      • Use Simon's Golden Circle to clearly state your Founder's Why because that's what people buy - Your Why

      • Choose your top stakeholders and Know Their Why better than they know themselves

      • Uncover the perfect language so you can paint their nightmare and sell their specific dream 

      • Serve rather than Sell - partner with only the people you know you can bring value to because you are the missing piece of their puzzle

      • Focus on starting life-long relationships rather than just closing deals

  • Week one will be a private 45 minute coaching session to understand where you are today and where you want to go

  • Weeks 2 - 12 will be comprised of 90 minute weekly group sessions

  • Sessions will be an equal mix of content and interaction so that there is time for collaboration, reflection and integration of the prior learning

Other items you'll receive:

  • Custom exercises, content and tools to help you make bold moves

  • Group recordings of all sessions (in case you can't make the calls for future reference)

  • Ongoing opportunities to participate in "Art of Leverage" forums

  • In addition, you'll get my resource lists, checklists, and other curated content

What we need from you:

  • Commitment - showing up to every meeting benefits both you and the group as we want your contribution. That said, we know that playing at your level means you're in constant demand. That's why you'll have access to the recordings of anything you missed.

  • Full participation - this mastermind is for players who are all in

  • Willingness to really own your shit - only when you are open to seeing your blocks can we remove the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your full potential

  • Honesty and Understanding - being an entrepreneur is hard and everyone's greatest gains come when we truly address the areas where we need guidance

  • A desire to supercharge your personal value and the value of your organization

  • Serious focus on traction, bottom line or whatever will show real momentum in your organization - our goal is to apply leverage to truly catapult your business

  • Something we can scale big time

If you're over exhausting the limited resources you have and if you're ready to make the quantum shifts that mastering mindset and using leverage in your business brings, then this is the foundation that will set you up for your ultimate definition of success.

You know, you're obviously really serious about scaling your business and making the largest impact you can and I just want to acknowledge you for that.

Most people never take the time to educate themselves the way you have. You're online, you're reading this, and you really have the commitment and determination to do this now. That's why you're perfect for The Art of Leverage Mastermind™. It's specifically for women like you who want to remove the blocks that are holding them back and leapfrog the time it takes to scale a large business by optimizing their time, energy and resources. 


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