Art of Leverage Interview with Dr. Patricia Klauer


Patricia is a Doctor of Chiropractic; a specialist in Enterprise Information Architecture; and a dedicated practitioner and teacher of the meditative arts who has been meditating for 30 years and using meditation as an essential foundation for her career. In her technology career, Patricia is an expert in designing data warehouse architecture for large-scale enterprises and has worked with companies such as Genentech, Wells Fargo Bank, McKesson Corporation, Fidelity Investments, UNDP United Nations Development Programme, NCR, Swiss Bank, Barclay’s Bank and First Boston Corporation to name a few. In this capacity she founded Eclipse Data Systems, a large-scale data integration and data warehousing firm; is co-author of “Building Data Warehouses for Decision Support,” published by Prentice Hall and was a founding member of Social Fusion, a non-profit organization that networks individuals and organizations to promote social entrepreneurism worldwide.

As a visionary leader, Dr. Klauer brings a breadth and depth of experience, insight and understanding to every initiative. As an experienced information architect she seeks to bridge the divide between IT and business to emphasize core business objectives and foster alignment, communication and resilience into the technology platforms she designs. Through transparency and collaboration her technical solutions not only support business needs, but delight the business community and evoke pride and sense of stewardship from IT.

After 20 years of experience in data warehousing she has discovered the biggest challenges are not technical, even though that is where the focus and the money is spent. The true challenge is always personal and organizational – and organizational is always personal. Almost always the “solution” required is a shift in the current mental model and an alignment of many influencing factors. Building resilient frameworks that serve business objectives are very similar to the need to individually cultivate resilience in your personal life - balancing health, home, friends and work in a way that not only sustains you as a person but enlivens, enriches and empowers you and all others you touch. 

Patricia has designed practices to cultivate personal resilience specifically oriented towards professionals who are too busy to meditate but need it the most. She understands this culture and the daily challenges because she has personally lived this way and continues to serve her own corporate clients in the technology world.  The ‘Walk in the World’ program empowers others to discover their own personal resilience, which she describes as the capacity to find balance and equanimity in the face of extreme stress, manage their energy and discover inspiration, insight and creativity.  She guides others to tap into their own hidden inner resources through simple and natural mind body practices and apply these practices on a regular basis. She is inspired and committed to share with others her direct experience and how to cultivate resilience into your personal and working life.