Retainer. Our monthly fee is paid by pre-authorized credit card.  The charge is made monthly in advance for a minimum initial required period of 3 months and then monthly in advance thereafter. We require a 3-month initial commitment because we have found this period to be the minimum time period needed to obtain results.  In addition, this commitment ensures that we are fully available for you and that you receive the kind of customized, focused attention that you deserve. 

Service Provider Partnerships and Referrals: Based on the strategies we agree upon and what we mutually determine are your particular needs, we will connect you to a carefully curated group of experts and service providers, people with whom we’ve established good relationships and who serve our clients on a “most favored” basis.  

Among other areas, our partners work in design, product development, company organization and raising capital. In order to avoid charging you extra for making these referrals and helping you obtain the best work for the least cost, these service providers often pay us a referral fee.

Commissions. Often companies ask us to leverage our network to facilitate strategic alliances and make connections to people and companies to whom they can sell their products and/or services. If this applies to your company, in order to incentivize us, you agree to pay us a commission or finder’s fee in an amount equal to 10% of the revenues you receive from these people or companies for the period starting when we perform the initial audit and ending 1 year after our services are concluded.  

Equity/Compensation Program.   Because our clients are typically at different stages on the growth spectrum, we offer a range of pricing and services to meet their needs. For certain early stage companies, we offer discounted  pricing that once an agreed upon milestone is met, we then choose to take the remainder as cash or a piece of ownership in the client’s company.

Depending on a variety of factors, we consider deferring and/or waiving some of our monthly retainer fees in exchange for an opportunity for an affiliate we designate to purchase equity in the client company.  We do not offer this program to every client and limit the number of clients in this program. 

 In deciding whether or not to invite a company to participate in the program, we consider, among other factors, how the company was introduced to us, management backgrounds and experience, the company’s “story and specifically their why”, current operations and revenues and, importantly, the current intellectual and financial capital that has been invested in the company.  We evaluate potential program participants based on our opinion of their prospects for achieving their goals and attracting investors and capital at an attractive future valuation.  At a minimum, we require current company owners to be working full-time for the business. Our biggest determination of fit is that we only work with conscious leaders and purpose driven companies.

If you have been offered an opportunity to participate in this program and we reach an agreement regarding it, then we will confirm the agreement in a separate document, which will include the specifics of the capitalized terms.

Speaking, Strategic Workshops, Masterminds etc.  All custom or single events will be billed prior to their delivery unless otherwise noted.


We will hold the same recurring time for weekly sessions, as agreed, each week.  Occasionally, one of us may need to reschedule.  If you need to reschedule, we will do our best to find another time that week. If our meetings are at The HUB, they require a 7-day cancellation. If we don't use the reserved conference room, we pass that fee on in the next retainer payment.

If we agree to alter the weekly schedule and the agreed upon sessions occur sooner than over a month's time (what we call a "sprint"), any block of those sessions will be considered a "month" or a "cycle", and you will be billed and the recurrence will be reset to a month from that billing.  If you miss a scheduled session that time will be treated as a session and included in the billed month.  Billing dates will not be extended due to a missed session without prior agreement between us both that moves the scheduling. 

There is not a direct correlation from session time to cost.  Some sessions may go long, or be short if they need to be, and we may miss entire sessions if scheduling can't be worked out.  We appreciate the need for flexibility, and we will try to reschedule if you need to move an appointment.  If we need to cancel a session for any reason (travel, holiday, sickness, vacation), we will make up the time by rescheduling or doubling up, if necessary, and will do our best to give you as much notice as possible.


If after the second strategic session (or equivalent two hour block of time) you request a refund, we will refund your first payment in full and you will not be billed again.  Mastermind participants will receive a full refund if they’re not satisfied after the first 30 days and provide a written request. You may keep any recordings, models, notes, or frameworks that we have created or have shared. Once past that sessions, you agree to finish whatever billing cycle you are currently in.  


You may stop coaching at any time and not be billed for the next month, but there are no refunds after the two-week trial and you are responsible for any current cycle once the billing has gone through.


During our work with you, we understand that you may disclose to us certain information relating to your business, which is not public information. To protect such information, we agree that such information will be considered to be valuable and confidential information that is proprietary to you.  Accordingly, we agree to refrain from disclosing such information to others or using it for any purpose other than for your benefit.