As strategic advisors that bring startup speed and agility, there are a number of ways we can work together.

We coach, consult and become your ultimate game changers and rain makers. 



We start with a "check your pulse" session to identify what is absolute priority and what will get you the most dollars with the least amount of effort. We uncover the areas where we can breathe new life in a big big way. We identify what will close the gaps, define the places where one tweak can make you millions and develop the game plan to get there.

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Once we agree on the new and improved strategies we want to implement, we get cruising. Depending on what's needed, we may use elements of The Art of Leverage or we may bring in some of our outside partners. Because of our in-house expertise and our larger partner network, the opportunities for getting you on the cover of Inc. are endless. 

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If we see a fit, we'll open the kimono and make the introductions where that one conversation could get you the beach house or the archipelago.

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Topics Include: 

  • 4 Mistakes Most Founders Make - And How To Avoid Them

  • How Women Who Startup Shift The Game And Play By The New Rules Of Business

  • Always Be Curious, The New A.B.C. That Ridiculously Successful Salespeople Live By

  • Masters Of The Art Of Leverage - How The Best Companies Let Someone Else Do The Work For Them

  • How To Master The Art Of Leverage, Create Huge Impact With Limited Resources And Make The Cover Of Forbes

  • The One Thing Entrepreneurs Need To Own To Make It Big - And No, It's Not An iPhone

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Half Day or Whole Day Session Topics Include: 

  • Mindset

  • Monetization

  • Brand Strategy

  • Message Extraction

  • Acquisition and Traction Tactics

  • Partner Identification and Sales Strategy

  • Funding Strategy and Delivery

  • Mission and Culture Development



Art of Leverage Masterminds are based on the Art of Leverage process. Not only will you get the tools to create the relationships that will catapult your business, you'll also be playing with an intimate group of power players that, in itself, can offer the relationships that will skyrocket your business.

Groups are hand-curated to offer the most impact. Each session ensures that all participants are in alignment and have some piece of the puzzle that can bring the possibility of exponential growth to the whole group.


Angel and Accelerator Masterminds are specific to portfolio companies. Groups are limited to five CEOs/ Founders. Six-month engagement. Two group meetings per month, two one on ones. 

If you're interested in the masterminds, reply to info@casanovaventures.com and we'll send you more info and see if there's a perfect fit for you.


When your messaging rocks, you own your super power identity, and you have systems in place, you can focus on the highly leveraged partnerships that can make your business go boom, and, ideally, change the world.

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