Entrepreneurial kids – Growing a next generation of masterminds


A couple weeks ago I had the chance to speak to some amazing kids who are part of a sleepover accelerator based out of Boulder, Camp Inc. These kids had amazing ideas and some of them were already serial entrepreneurs. Check out Val Weisler who created The Validation Project, a global movement.  

Entrepreneurship is definitely becoming the trendy new thing. And, it's here for good. It's the one thing that will save our planet and make the changes we need to see happen. And here's why, it gets us to think outside of the box. It gets us to think about what can be.

In this video, Cameron sheds light on how entrepreneurs are distinguishable from a young age and should not be forced into the mould required by societal standards.

He then proceeds to mention brilliant methods as to how we can instill the entrepreneurial mindset of being tenacious and opportunistic (among others) to the children of our age.