Top Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow in 2015

If you're looking for new insights in 2015 for yourself or your business, you might think about following someone new on twitter.  Business List Daily just shared the top twitter accounts every entrepreneur should follow.  One of my close friends, and favorite entrepreneur, Ingrid Vanderveldt is on the list.  Here's a quick preview of the 2015 list. 

"Twitter is a great place to follow breaking news, learn about trending topics, and participate in conversations about practically anything. It's also a veritable trove of information for entrepreneurs and small business owners. If your business strategy could use some help in the New Year, or if you just want some bite-size pieces of startup advice, check out these 15 Twitter accounts about entrepreneurship. @AMAnet (American Management Association)

Management development is an important issue for all business owners. If you're looking for a reliable resource for leadership, business strategy, hiring and more, join the American Management Association's 245,000 Twitter followers. This account shares articles from around the Web on a wide range of business topics to help you succeed. " To read the full list, check out the article.