My word: Worth

My question: Is this worthy of my attention?

Shi By Billy Tucci


  • Make me more powerful?
  • Make my life easier?

  • Give me pleasure?

  • Inspire me?

  • Empower me to lead with the voice of the divine?

This is reclamation time.

Our leaders and heroes are stepping aside, requiring us to step up.

It is time to leave the shade of the family tree and be our biggest selves. It's imperative for all of us to remember that owning our greatness, our power, and our innate truth - that we are love and loved - is crucial to the world's healing.

2016 ended (for me) with a lot of consumption - insane amounts of sugar, crap food, tv (that election was damn good drama) and everyone else's voices.  I didn't realize that I could no longer hear.

My Quest: Warrior Training

Step 1Make my body a temple so that I can listen.

Some girlfriends and I are doing a cleanse (mine will be the Master Cleanse) January 12th. If you'd like to join us, just let me know. Our purpose is to be accountable and there for each other.

And… if you join us or not, I wanted to share an exercise I created and have been using for years.

It's called:

Conscious Being

Print out the Conscious Being PDF and have it either near your bedside or in the kitchen or somewhere where you'll see it before you end your day. Place quick checks in all the boxes that apply. It's a nice visual to see what we're consuming in oh so many forms. Just using it is always a difference of 3 lbs, more insights and better relationships for me.

The Success Meditation

One last thing, I've also attached The Success Meditation by John Randolph Price.

It is one of my favorite writings. I trust it will spur you into a huge 2017. I still have the same handwritten versions (that I wrote in 2001) on my refrigerator and in my copy of A Course in Miracles.

I'm owning my worth. let's do it together.