How Masterminds are Powering Women & Why You Should Be in One

After 8 years in my own mastermind group - The Billionaire Girls Club - I know first-hand how transformational cultivating these relationships can be. These women have introduced me to serious players, provided numerous opportunities from speaking to publishing, given me feedback, advice and have flat out told me the truth. They have helped me grow my business, been champions for my personal growth and have been a constant source of support.  

Billionaire Girls Club (My Mastermind Group)

One of our Billionaire Girls Club members, Ingrid Vanderveldt was recently featured by BizWomen in an article called, "On the Hunt For Her First Billion" where she talks about how important her own mastermind group was to her success. 

Turns out we're really lucky because many of the top women leaders I speak to feel like they're out on their own. Even if they are running wildly successful companies, they are often too busy heads down scaling their businesses to actually step back and focus on strategy and what's driving the business…and more importantly what's driving them. They also tell me how rare it is to meet other women who get what it's like to operate at their level and how excited they'd be to finally have an intimate setting where they can get honest feedback.

This is exactly why I wanted to provide other women with the same opportunity by creating the Art of Leverage Mastermind Group for 5 extraordinary business women. This is the process I use with my clients to remove all limiting beliefs so they can scale, multiply their valuations, get tied in with partners from Hearst to Coca Cola and create the biggest impact possible even when they have minimal resources. The Art of Leverage Mastermind starts with the biggest point of leverage, mindset. Mindset matters. It shows up in the messaging they use, what they offer, the people they hire, the partners they choose, the asks they make and their bottom line. We then focus on messaging so that they're perfectly positioned and monetization so that they implement those tweaks that can maximize profits with ease and grace. And, these women now have the ability to leverage each other. 

Our next Art of Leverage Mastermind starts January 27th. Although the call for applications has passed, because we're hand-curating the group (we want to make sure there's an interesting mix and that everyone is totally aligned) and because of the response we've received, we are considering starting another concurrent group. 

This is what we look for:

1. A female business rock-star who makes big bold moves

2. A woman who will provide a wonderful contribution

3. A woman that gets the need for community, collaboration, and connection with women who will push you further

4. A woman who understands that she is the true leverage in her business

If you are this brilliant woman, we want to know and support you.  If you know a woman you'd like to nominate that would benefit from the power of leverage in her business and the power of leverage in her network, please send her our way. 

You can reach us at

BTW - My personal mission is to shift the game. 2015 - I'm choosing women.  And, a mastermind is one of the best starting points to make that happen. Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank and the father of micro-lending specifically talks about the power that comes from circles of 5 women.

When we light the fire so these women entrepreneurs skyrocket, ooh baby - watch out!