Can Women Succeed in the Tech Industry?

"It’s hard out there for women in technology. Only a fraction of the estimated 120,000 computer science graduates in the U.S. each year are women and that number has dropped since significantly since 1985. Though more female-founded startups are popping up everyday, just 5 percent of all tech startups are led by women, according to a 2012 Kauffman Foundation report.

Clearly there are major barriers for women in technology, but three of the highest-paying jobs for women OVERALL are in the tech sector. There is a lot of opportunity for women to thrive in this field. As part of their Women Invent Tomorrow campaign, Silicon Republic put together some pretty interesting and impressive facts on the state of women in technology today. From salary information, to skills you need, to notable women in the tech field, this is the information on women in technology you need to know......" Read the rest of the article here