The rules of the game

How are you playing your relationships, your business, your life? Are you deciding the rules or are they playing you? Basically, who's permission are you waiting for? 

I've always been the outlier who's on the vagabond career path. Perhaps I'm A.D.D. or perhaps i'm just curious. 

This site is meant to be a little exploration of what I'm passionate about. It definitely doesn't fit in a resume or even a bio most likely because I've always been reticent when it comes to anything involving four corners.

I'd like my friends to become yours. I'd like to see your ideas grow in tandem. I'd like to see all of us living beyond our boundaries and co-creating the coolest of concepts.

Are you willing to live the blatantly uncommon life? I'm constantly scared shitless to do it and am blown away when I witness others living theirs.

I have an offer. Let's go big together and hold each other accountable.

For fuck's sake... let's shift the game.