Startup Therapy: Performance and Mastering Mindset


Our work focuses on the psychology of entrepreneurship so that you actually thrive, not just survive. We believe entrepreneurship is the quickest path to enlightenment because every fear, every judgment, and every unconscious upset comes up. It’s how we respond rather than react that matters.

We show you why you do what you do, help you identify the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your full potential and re-pattern in new, more useful thoughts and choices. Our tools move you from awareness to actual behavior change, from chaos to sustainability and from lack to abundance.

Our work with founders can also translate to the rest of the team. We know that organizational behavior in the startup environment means more than just scaling corporate culture and developing leaders who can win marathons. For example, we use exercises such as The Relationship Charter to help you get clear on the purpose for your relationship with the company you’ve created. Given that everything is a relationship and you will truly be married in this one, we want to get clear on our expectations, wants, needs and fears so that you can then create and commit to clear, SMART goals and operating instructions.  Often, these leaders ask us to involve co-founders or their exec team in developing a shared Charter. This helps to eliminate any future miscommunications. We’ve found that this tool alone is invaluable when it comes to any relationship where equity changes hands.