We've had founders tell us that connecting them with their wish list clients and having us attend those meetings with them to provide strategy and feedback is truly unique and super valuable. They like having someone with them who can not only get them in the right room, they can facilitate and witness what they often can't see.   

Being in the room witnessing them with these top CEO/CMO/CIO/CFOs truly condenses time. Beyond moving them light years closer to the sale, we can quickly see:

  • Blocks to mindset or the sales process
  • Ways to optimize business models and revenue streams
  • Messaging that might land better
  • Needed tweaks to the product roadmap or target

Unfortunately, we've had to pass on many startups that wanted to work with us because they didn't have the revenue or funding to retain us.  This was frustrating because these companies often benefit most from our ability to get them traction…and, most importantly, sales.

So... we came up with a simple way to fast track their sales. It's called Sell Your Startup.

Here's the way it works:

  • Session 1 - We conduct a State of the Union audit to see where you are and where you want to go
  • Session 2 - We strategize on who to target, what to sell and how best to position you
  • Session 3 -  We set and attend a meeting with a company that tops your prospect list (We will secure this meeting within 6 weeks from session 2)
  • Session 4 - We review what we witnessed and provide a report on next steps to close the deal

Here's what you get:

  • Custom Sales Strategy
  • Connection with Your Perfect Client
  • In Meeting Formal Representation
  • Pitch and Follow-Up Templates
  • Assessment and Next Steps Report

Whether it's your first close or an exit or whether you're meeting your perfect investor or a titan of industry, knowing the tricks to connect and convert are critical. We want to share these secrets and make some big connections for the startups that are poised for success and just need some support getting that next piece of traction.

If you were directed to this page, it's because we see that potential in you.

Let's make some magic happen.

Let's Go!

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