Nicole tells iV how to 'Shift' her own reality - Part 2

OMG - Listening to this now and can't believe how young and naive I was and how much cash money I spent. Things are soooo much cheaper now. This was before social - how crazy is that?  I'm all about these new kids. Just heard about one that created a sweet SaaS company and got clients to buy his service and fund the development of it before he even had a company name, logo or website. He rocks. So much to learn...

Uploaded on February 08, 2009 by CLUB E Network

Nicole Casanova used all of her money to start Shift . Sold her IRA, took on 6-figure credit card debt & didn't pay herself, but it sill wasn't enough. She kept it going though & 5 years, 80 market tests, trademark acquisitions, patent filings & business model changes later, it is on the market. Watch and learn about the gut-checks along the way, going back into corporate USA and where her 'game' is now.. CLUB E "Original Programming."

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