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That perfect piece of your puzzle, the one that creates true traction is often one connection away. Yet how do you find them? Or, how do you just get in the door. 

Because revenue and relationships our priority in any business (and they happen to be our innate joy), we leverage our networks and influence to hand-curate relationships, strategic alliances and acquisition opportunities.

We look for interesting and unique technologies/products/services and/or value proposition to accelerate their exposure and access - while minimizing expense and risk.

To maintain the integrity of our network and the power of our social capital, we only provide these connections when we feel the company is in a position to truly add value to the desired partner.

In addition to our focus on strategic partnerships and revenue generation, as connection catalysts, we secure board seats, build out advisor and mentor networks, provide access to capital and visibility opportunities. 

If you'd like more information about how we can condense time and get you in the right rooms, please contact us.