We help businesses make more money

Startups need to go big or go home and their window of time to succeed is incredibly small. They need to drive the largest amount of revenue or traction with the least amount of resources.

Most don’t know that there are actually some counterintuitive ways to connect to the right people and close. For example, when you serve rather than sell, you’ll create the big relationships that are worth millions rather than hundreds. 

When new entrepreneurs and even seasoned business owners master the shortcuts to selling, they can consistently make magic happen.

Actively applying the Startup Success Rules, The Confidence Component, The Prospect to Partner Process and a host of other tricks from The Mindset Shift to the Art of Leverage where 1 relationship is worth 1000, can get you on the cover of Inc., acquired, or make you the darling of Wall Street. 

Whether you need massive traction to get that next round of funding or just need to create big time awareness and sales, you need the factory in house so that you can close and grow those deals whenever you want.  

 When you have the right message that resonates,

when you rock the system for the message, and when you OWN your message, you win.  

Do all that and then apply LEVERAGE. Oh yeah baby, you'll make the Hall of Fame.